One of the longest running sportsbooks in the space, intertops offers top sportsbook, poker, and casino action. 100% Deposit Bonus up to $1000
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Online since 1996, Intertops is one of the best online casinos for those who love betting obscure sports. This bookmaker offers much more than just NFL, NBA, NHL, and soccer action. Their deposit bonus of 200% on $1000 is top notch!
Low deposit ceilings make it hard to get a big bankroll on

We value longevity in this business.  It hasn’t been easy to provide online bookmaking services over the years as governments grapple with legislation and legality.  Intertops boasts over two decades of experience in the sports betting industry.  Their bookmaking business dates back to before the internet.  They were established in 1983 and first came online in 1996.  They were one of the if not the first online sportsbook.  They have evolved as a business to not only have an online sportsbook offering, but poker, slots, live casino, and table games as well.  For a business to begin in 1983 and have longevity into the year 2021 when this was published is truly remarkable.  It’s a reflection of great leadership and the stature of the type of professional book you’ll be dealing with.

The Intertops Casino team has built quite a reputation for themselves with players who have given them a chance.  Most of them stick around and gamble with the company for years.  It’s a surprise that this casino is still gaining popularity with so many years in the space.  The company’s desire to run a good sportsbook and business outweighs its desire for shock and awe.  Many online casinos fail at this and excel only at running a good marketing program and not a sound gambling business.  It’s a good thing we’re here to help you find Intertops.  Marketing is one of the company’s struggles.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them your business in the slightest.  

Intertops is clearly one of the best online sportsbooks in that space and easily one of the most reliable. Intertops casino provides a large variety of betting markets to choose from.  Their support staff is prompt, responsive, friendly, and even available via live chat.  The popular online bookmaker has a consistent track record of paying players in a timely fashion.  This online bookmaker has even evolved to include cryptocurrency payments and payouts.  There is plenty to like when it comes to Intertops.  Giving them a chance will net you a 200% sign up bonus up to $1000.

Instertops Sportsbook

The Intertops Sportsbook offering is one of the most robust on the internet.  You will notice right away that there are a large number of events that can be wagered on. These are broken out by sport.  The site prioritizes “next games” on its homepage so that midday players can get action on whatever they choose during the week.  There is also a top sporting events section where you can wager on the top volume events of the weekend and evenings.  Intertops takes action on the most popular sports like basketball, hockey, baseball, and football.  What separates them from most is their willingness to offer odds on the obscure.  Darts, snooker, and handball are a clear nod to the site’s European clientele.  Alpine skiing, rugby, and even stock market betting show the versatility of wagering offered at the Intertops sportsbook.

Intertops Review Online Sportsbook and Casino


Intertops Live Betting

Part of what makes the Intertops Sportsbook such a top bookmaker is their live betting offering.  The Intertops Live betting engine is competitive technologically to what we see out there from many other online casinos.  What separates Intertops Live Betting from the rest again is the companies willingness to take obscure action on all sorts of games.  Many online sportsbooks will only offer live lines for big events or events that are televised.  Intertops offers these events, but so much more.  The same rugby, snooker, darts, and handball are available in live betting form with Intertops.  You can’t get this everywhere and hardly any casinos offer the same amount of volume on live lines as Intertops does.  It’s a hands-down #1 when it comes to this category.  

Intertops Poker

The Intertops Poker offering is known to be one of the tops in the space.  It’s up there with sites like PokerStars and while it’s not as popular, Intertops Poker still has its own downloadable interface.  Poker table games and tournaments are taking place at all times via the Intertops poker app.  One of the neat things about Intertops poker is that the experience is optimized for your mobile device.  If you want to play on the go, you can take your poker room with you.  Intertops poker is available on your laptop, phone, or tablet.  There isn’t even a need to download an app on your phone as Intertops offers a mobile web app that is available on any device with a web browser.

Intertops Poker has all of the loyalty programs and promotions you would look for in an online poker room.  They have reload bonuses, no deposit bonus options that offer cool prizes, and of course the 200% welcome bonus up to $1000.  With Stud, Omaha, Hold’em, and tons of other games available Intertops Poker couples with line offerings and live betting to really differentiate Intertops from other online sportsbook providers.

Intertops Minimum Bet

There is no doubt that Intertops caters to a more casual bettor with their site.  This is evidenced by the fact that they have a betting minimum of one dollar for online bets. Deposit maximums are rather low too.  The Intertops low limit policy is another positive for players who just want to have some fun while they place their bets. Those who want a higher-stakes experience may want to consider looking elsewhere.  Intertops should satisfy the majority of players with the way they are set up.

Despite not being as flashy as other sports betting websites, Intertops is well organized and makes it easy to get to the things you want to wager on both desktop and mobile devices. Overall, the ease of use makes Intertops more than worth checking out.  When you combine their infrastructure and low minimum bet threshold, this is a pretty low risk place to give wagering a try.

Intertops Deposit Bonus

One of the great things about Intertops is that they allow you to pick your own welcome bonus.  This bonus is based on the amount that you want to deposit. Rather than shoehorning every player into one bonus that might not fit anyone’s individual needs, there are several options for Intertops players to choose from.  This ensures that online gamblers are getting the best possible value for their money right from the start.

These options include:

Obviously, the more that a player puts down with their initial deposit, the smaller their percentage bonus is.  Going the cryptocurrency deposit route is a great choice as it really maximizes your return.  It’s also really easy.  No matter which option you choose there will be a nice bonus waiting for you at Intertops sportsbook.

Players at Intertops can also take advantage of regular deposit bonuses.  This is where an extra percentage is given to players up to a pre-determined amount.  This helps build that bankroll back up after a reload. There are also opportunities to win great prizes.  Tickets to high-profile sporting events like the college basketball Final Four have been given away to gamblers on the site before.  These types of promotions change regularly and are based on the season we’re in.  Make sure to check the promotions section of Intertops often to make sure you can get in on the fun.

Intertops Business Hours 

The support team at Intertops is available around the clock, with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week support available to players to have their inquiries resolved. This same time frame applies to their wagering department, which has around-the-clock availability as well.

Frequent Complaints 

Perhaps this complaint is reserved for more professionally-focused players.  The deposit maximums at Intertops are very low compared to many online sportsbooks.  The maximum of a $1000 deposit makes it difficult for those looking for higher stakes to be able to even get the money they need to gamble in such a fashion on the platform.  Players who wish to start with a larger bankroll need to either perform multiple transactions or look elsewhere.

Intertops Customer Service Reviews 

The customer service team at Intertops is one of the highlights of the site, which makes sense given how long they have been in the sports betting game. Players can get in touch with them any time by phone, email, and live chat, with a knowledgeable staff that truly does seem to understand the needs of their players.

If there was to be a negative about them it could be that they take a little longer to answer email inquiries than they do other forms of their customer service suite, but players who need instant answers can just use their live chat functionality.

Intertops Live Chat 

Having a 24/7 live chat service is such an important thing for a sportsbook to do, and Intertops knocks it out of the park in that regard.

Intertops Languages 

While many casinos take action from all over the world, most don’t provide customer service in more than one or two languages.  One of the most diverse language accommodation jobs in the online sports betting industry comes from Intertops. They support players in English, Spanish, Russian, Bosnian, Czech, Danish, French, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Hungarian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, and Chinese. This is brilliant for a site that offers its services far beyond an American audience.

Intertops Customer Service Phone Number 

Players can get in touch with Intertops by phone at 1-866-549-2437.

Intertops Customer Service Email

Those who wish to reach Intertops by email can do so by emailing [email protected].

Intertops Details

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